DC Soul: Fish and Chicken on Wheels

We’re rushing for a meeting and say so.

> “What can be ready fast?”
>> “Fast?”
> “Quick like: Can’t wait long.”
>> “Fried shrimp, fried fish.”

We order the former, with a salad instead of the default fries. The salad consists of chilled lettuce, tomato slices, onion, and scant sliced pickles. We would not have expected that last item, but the sweet and salty vinegar balances the other flavors nicely. The warm shrimp and chilled salad also mix well, it’s all perfectly proportioned, and everything is fresh.

We request tartar sauce — just in case — and he also throws in a packet of “seafood” (cocktail) sauce. But you don’t really need it, the flavor is in the shrimp and basting.

This might be the lightest “fried” shrimp plate ever, and looks better on the plate (or in the take-away box) than in the menu pics. Quick lunch.


Food Truck Fiesta
♦ DC Soul on Yelp


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