Sushi 2 Go

Sushi 2 Go: 901 N Stuart St #117, Arlington, VA 22203; (703) 243-4000.

We’ve been picking up lunch here,
now and again, for several years. It’s a tiny spot on the northern edge of the Ballston Commons Mall. The take-out counter features good-sized portions of nigiri sushi and rolls (we haven’t seen pre-made sashimi boxes), beef gyoza, squid and seawood salads, edamame and other light items.

The fish is fresh and, in keeping with the name, service is quick. No real claim to authenticity is attempted — it’s just decent sushi, convenient and reasonably priced. Oh, and the unagi is served warm (below left). We had to try the Mushroom Roll as that’s not an option we see on sushi menus much. It’s good, the mushrooms more flavorful than expected and not oily. We’ve also asked them to prepare a custom order that doesn’t appear on the menu — like a Real Crab & Avocado Roll, crabstick being a pet peeve we’ve written about before. They’re happy to do that, pricing the request as a special roll.

What limited seating is available is sometimes, though not today, devoted to storage. So there may or may not be a place to sit inside (again, in keeping with the name). There are booths here and there along adjacent blocks, though, and a small park with benches across Stuart Street. That’s where the food trucks park.

Sushi 2 Go is a decent option in a hurry, the nearest alternative being the sushi counter at Mike’s Cafe. For a sit-down meal, we recommend Endo Sushi up the block at Clarendon, which at some point we’ll have to review.

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